Surveillance AI Analytics

Main Benefit

Surveillance AI Analytics

Focusing on the main types of analysis

Live Monitoring
Forensic Analysis
Analytic Features:
Biometric Analysis
Full stack of Biometric products:
Traffic Analysis
Traffic Analysis

The System Features

Object Detection and Recognition

Object detected in the scene are classified based on their type.

Face detection

Intelligence that can identify uniquely persons, objects, fingerprints or eye iris.

Intrusion Detection

Detects when an object enters a specified area or crosses a specified line.

Behavior Analysis

Detects behavior patterns such as loitering fails, and sudden direction changes.

Traffic Analysis

We detect traffic violations and suspicious activity based on the vehicle trajectory.

Theft and Accident Detection

We detect advanced patterns of criminal behavior and human accidents.

Camera Sabotage

We can detect when the camera providing the source feed has been tampered with.

Counters and Statictics

We count people and objects within the entire scene or specific zone.

Object Anonymization

We compress events enabling the quick review of video recordings.